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Why to choose a piece of furniture in mango wood

Skyline wood and iron sideboard Orchidea Milano 1981

The mango tree, particularly widespread in the Indian subcontinent and in general throughout the tropical area with a warm and temperate climate, is known and appreciated for its sweet and juicy fruits but for a long time now also for its strong, durable wood and malleable. One of its characteristics that makes it a particularly interesting and current wood today is its sustainability as it is harvested only at the end of the plant's production cycle.

The Mangifera Indica is an evergreen tree that can reach 20/25 meters in height within a few years; it is precisely this rapid growth that has made the use of solid mango wood an eco-sustainable choice. In fact, the plant reaches its maturity in about 10 years, when the woody part begins to develop, making flowering increasingly negligible, with a consequent decrease in fruit production. This, within the plantations, is the moment for replacing old trees with young and productive trees; while in the past the older trees were cut down and burned, today, when its exceptional properties have been discovered, it is used more and more.

Terra wooden sideboard with 4 doors - OrchideaMilano1981

Mango wood is characterized by dense grains, is very resistant and durable over time as well as malleable and therefore perfect for use in furniture and interior decoration in general. Its incredible malleability favors its use in all the most elaborate processes.

Mango wood fears direct exposure to the sun's rays and more generally dry climates; for optimal conservation of furnishings and accessories made with this type of wood, we recommend treatment with specific oils or waxes at least once a year to avoid the natural dehydration process.

Orchidea Milano 1981 has been producing furniture for many years with this wonderful essence with a thousand qualities and multiple possibilities of use: living room tables in solid mango wood, modern sideboards in solid mango wood and even wooden bookcases characterized by a natural color that gives each element has a contemporary look. A special treatment makes the color of the wood homogeneous and prevents excessively dark grains from contrasting excessively. The texture is smooth, silky and particularly pleasant to the touch.

Modern entrance consoles, desks in solid mango wood where the color of the wood, always natural, can range from a honey blonde to a darker brown; also in this case we note the magnificent homogeneity of the color as there are no elements that stand out or contrast. The texture obtained with saw cutting is material, the indisputable protagonist of these furnishing elements with a strong and contemporary character.

Natural Antique Style 2-door wooden sideboard - OrchideaMilano1981

Solid mango wood sideboards and solid mango wood wardrobes with imposing doors crafted and sculpted by skilled craftsmen. It is precisely the characteristic malleability of mango wood that makes such complex and delicate workmanship possible and that allows us to bring true masterpieces into your homes.

Classic mirrors in solid mango wood expertly and finely crafted and sculpted starting from a single wooden board. True masterpieces of artisan art available in many finishes and various colours: natural finishes that enhance the wood with its grain and characteristics of a natural and living element or aged finishes and textures capable of evoking the atmosphere of ancient homes.

Classic Style mango wood table

The Classic Style solid wood table is characterized by its elegant base and generous dimensions. Able to accommodate many people, it is a piece of furniture that will not go unnoticed.

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Luxury Style mango wood sideboard

The Luxury Style 4-door wood and glass sideboard has a clean and essential line that contrasts with the beauty of the handcrafted carved doors. The processing of the wooden and glass doors offers a perfect solution for displaying your most beautiful and important objects.

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